Bellydance Kizmet

Bellydance is a beautiful art form originating in the Middle East. Bellydance combines a great sense of tradition fused with contemporary dance styles, ensuring that this dance form is suitable for everyone. No matter what your fitness level or previous dance experience, bellydance offers a unique opportunity to practice a low impact form of exercise which improves your posture, flexibility and overall body strength. And most of all, it loads of fun!

You are never too young or old to learn this dance!

Bellydance Kizmet provides bellydance classes at 3 different locations, and offers classes for students from the complete novice to professional level. Bellydance Kizmet offers specialist classes in American Tribal Style Bellydance, Modern Egyptian and offer the widest range of folkloric styles from all over the Middle East.

Bellydance Kizmet also provides dynamic and professional performers for all occasions, including family, promotional and corporate events. We provide fun entertainment for hen’s parties and we can cater for your group as a fun session or as a ongoing learning experience.

Bellydance Kizmet still has some quality imported bellydance wear for professional and student performers, including a wide range of accessories and music and DVDs. We also have a large range of preloved costumes and accessories.