Our Teacher

About the Teacher

Bellydance Kizmet offers classes in a friendly environment with the aim of passing on an immense love of bellydance in a way that is educational and respectful, yet still maintains a sense of fun.  Bellydance Kizmet is directed by Barbara Wolfkamp (Zahraa) who has been dancing and studying this dance form for 30 years and has travelled regularly to Egypt as well as around the world for ongoing training with some of the leading bellydance teachers and performers in the world. This is to ensure that Bellydance Kizmet is always at the forefront of the current styles and techniques in Oriental Dance.  Zahraa also travels overseas and interstate for teaching.  A well-established dancer in Melbourne,  she is also sought after as a teacher because of her extensive knowledge of Middle Eastern dancing and special interest in the many folkloric forms of the dance from all over the Middle East, bringing a wealth of knowledge of the history, techniques and different styles of belly dance.

Her teaching style is relaxed and fun, imparting information in a way that helps make her students knowledgeable and safe in their dance practice.

All students are encouraged to work at their own pace and within each class level the techniques are taught on multi-levels so everyone is cared for. Each person works to suit their body and is shown ways to compensate for personal injuries they may have.