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Term 3 2018

Term 3 will run from July 17th - 22nd September with a range of classes from Beginners to Advanced.
The earlybird rate for re-enrolling students ends 8th July 2018. New students may pay the earlybird rate up to their first class.

We are also offering 2x Short Courses and 8x Technique Clinics in Term 3 2018.
The Short Courses will run 1 hour for 4 weeks each, the technique clinics are one off sessions each for 1 hour.

Short Course #1 is "Choreography- How to..", where we will take a piece of music and with your own ideas, you can create a dance that is uniquely yours. The structure of the music will be discussed as well as musical interpretation and putting in steps that suit you. Lots of fun!
Short Course #1 will run from 26th July - 16th August (4 weeks)

Short Course #2 is a Romantic Veil choreography- using tried and true veil moves as well as some interesting variations on veil moves and dance techniques.  Bring your romantic soul and a veil or use one of our veils. Short Course #2 will run from 30th August - 20th September.

Technique Clinics  will cover topics such as: Circles, Undulations, Maya & chonks, AND Jewels revisited, shimmy up shimmy down, bumps or locks, hands and arms storytelling, Basic arabic & grapevines.

See the timetable below for full details and dates for the Technique Clinics.

Term 3 2018 timetable below.

Belly Dance Kizmet Class Descriptions

What Style Do We Teach?
In the beginning all classes learn a general form of Egyptian dance, with a focus on technique and applying them in a choreography. At the higher levels we begin the Modern Egyptian style which has a strong abdominal focus, with more intricate moves and combinations. Choreography plays a greater role in the class structure. All classes will learn veil work and most classes will have the opportunity to play finger cymbals (zills).
Specialist classes in american tribal style and Folklore from the Middle East are offered.

What should I wear to class?
Leotard or fitting top with leggings / gympants.
Footwear is optional - bare-feet, jiffies or flat dance shoes or are preferred.
Whatever you wear, ensure you feel comfortable.

For class descriptions please see our class timetable. Classes for term 3 start on Tuesday 17th July 2018.

Class Timetable: Term 3 2018.

Payments made by the earlybird date, are at the Earlybird rate of $16.50 per class on full term payment.

  • Payments made by enrolled students after the earlybird date will be at the Normal rate of $17.60 per class on full term payment.
  • 5 Class Passes will be available for $100 ($20.00 per class). You must purchase an inital pass at the start of term. After week 5, you can pay at the casual rate of $25 per class each week or purchase an additional 5 week pass. Any classes remaining on a second class pass may be carried over to the following term only. After that, the pass becomes void. The 5 week pass must be presented and signed & dated by the teacher at each class.
  • Casual rates apply for the first trial class, then will only be accepted if space is available and after completion of a 5 class pass.
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