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Bellydance is a beautiful art form originating in the Middle East. Bellydance combines a great sense of tradition fused with contemporary dance styles, ensuring that this dance form is suitable for everyone. No matter what your fitness level or previous dance experience, bellydance offers a unique opportunity to practice a low impact form of exercise which improves your posture, flexibility and overall body strength. And most of all, it loads of fun!

Bellydance Kizmet provides bellydance classes at 4 different locations, and offers classes for students from the complete novice to professional level. Bellydance Kizmet offers specialist classes in American Tribal Style Bellydance, Modern Egyptian as well as classes for adolescents and children.

Bellydance Kizmet also provides dynamic and professional performers for all occasions, including family, promotional and corporate events. We provide fun entertainment for hen's parties and children's birthday parties.

Bellydance Kizmet stocks quality imported bellydance wear for professional and student performers, including a wide range of accessories and music.

About the Teachers
The Bellydance Kizmet team offers classes in a friendly environment with the aim of passing on our immense love of bellydance in a way that is educational and respectful, yet still maintains a sense of fun. All of our teachers regularly attend professional development courses including teacher training, safe dance practice and workshops with local, interstate and international master teachers. Bellydance Kizmet is directed by Barbara Wolfkamp who has been studying this dance form for 20 years and travels to Egypt every year for ongoing training with some of the leading bellydance teachers and performers in the world. This is to ensure that Bellydance Kizmet is always at the forefront of the current styles and techniques in Oriental Dance.

About Barbara
Barbara has been teaching and performing belly dance for almost 20 years. A well-established dancer in Melbourne, Barbara often travels interstate and overseas for teaching and study and regularly takes workshops with the great names of Middle Eastern Dance. She is sought after as a teacher with extensive knowledge of middle eastern dancing. Barbara has a special interest in the many folkloric forms of the dance from all over the Middle East, bringing a wealth of knowledge of the history, techniques and different styles of belly dance.

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